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Dr Patil's Path Lab Clinical Diagnostic Centre

Dr Patil's Path Lab we realize that accurate diagnosis is very critical for superior clinical outcomes. We have brought together key imaging and laboratory services to provide you with integrated diagnostic facilities under one roof. With a team of highly experienced and efficient staff, we provide services strictly adhering to quality standards.

We, at Dr Patil's Path Lab work together to build a remarkable list of partners providing exceptional quality diagnostics services to its customers through a very competent network of labs and home sample collection facility.

We work towards the best capacity utilization of diagnostic centres and hospitals and we are glad we are able to improve patient in-flow volumes, reduce costs, improve quality and enhance service delivery yardsticks.

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Why Preventive healthcare?

It is common knowledge that sedentary lifestyles,stress, pollution,junk food, and addictions like smoking and drinking give rise to numerous diseases which, if left unmonitored, can prove to be fatal in the long run. Preventive healthcare when combined with things like regular exercise, and healthy food can go a long way in enabling people to live productive lives by keeping such lifestyle diseases at bay. Preventive healthcare broadly refers to the measures taken for prevention of disease rather than its treatment.Screening for diseases, medications, immunization and healthcare counselling – all are covered under preventive health care along with general preventive measures such as physical exercise and well-balanced and nutritious diet and the most important is Prevetive health checkup packages. Each year millions of people in our country die of potentially preventable chronic diseases like heart diseases, Diabetes- Glucose Test, cancer etc. With the preventive healthcare this number can be significantly reduced as many diseases can be nipped in the bud through early diagnosis. Our honourable Prime Minister Narendra Modi recently cleared the National health Policy that lays emphasis on preventive healthcare.

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We Have Well Equipped Computerised Pathology Laboratory

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Our service philosophy

We aim to deliver a high quality service in all aspects of what we do, providing added value through supporting clinical interpretation and efficiency through a well-managed delivery process.

Trusted by patients, doctors and other laboratories our motto is to provide the best possible service at a reasonable cost in the best possible time. We are known for being transparent and for providing correct advice to our patients

Abraham Lincoln once said, “The best way to predict your future is to create it.” To change the course of your health, you have to be intentional about your daily habits and Dr Patil's Path Labs.

An abundance of research studies indicates more of your health is in your control than you might think. With the right support and guidance, you can feel more energy, creativity and happiness. So this is the right time to invest in your health as Prevention is always better than cure.

Talk to a Pathologist

Know Your Pathologist ,Know Your Reports : PATIENTS AWARENESS CAMPAIGN

 PATHOLOGISTS are Medical Professionals (Doctors) with Qualification of MD /DCP /DNB after completion of MBBS.

  A PATHOLOGIST is in charge of all laboratory staff i.e. technicians ,assistants & he/she is responsible for all the reports.

  Consult a PATHOLOGIST before drawing any self interpretation of your pathology reports.

  Pathology lab reports validated by a registered PATHOLOGIST are legally accepted as well as considered authentic by Mediclaim /Insurance Companies.

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Dr Patil's Path Lab is a brighest star in the galaxy.

Pathology is the study of disease.It involves the investigation of the cause of disease.

Pathologist is a doctor with qualification of MD pathology/DNB/DCP/DPB,a specialised postgraduation course done after MBBS degree.

Only MBBS doctors.(5.5 years MBBS + 3years MD Pathology).

It is the place where materials of humen origin are collected , stored, processed, and/or analyzed and reported by a Qualified MD Pathology doctor for a purpose of screening, diagnosis,prognosis,treatment or prevention of diseases and for clinical research.

Only MD Pathologist /MD Microbiology/MD biochemist.



If you care for yourself and your family,always trust the pathology laboratory owned and full time supervised by a qualified MD PATHOLOGIST with genuine signatures. Dont rely on electronic signatures.

Diabetes- Glucose Test – Effective monitoring

 Controlling blood sugar is the main treatment goal of Diabetes- Glucose Test. Regular monitoring of blood sugar and as needed, the level of ketones, is fundamental to Diabetes- Glucose Test treatment and the person having Diabetes- Glucose Test has to participate actively in this monitoring. No matter how one is managing ones Diabetes- Glucose Test- through oral medicine or insulin or through exercise and diet alone- regular monitoring provides an instant feedback on how effective is your effort.

  In case of Type 1 Diabetes- Glucose Test, that is a result is an autoimmune disorder, the immune system destroys the cells in the pancreas that are responsible for producing insulin. Insulin is required to convert food into energy. People suffering from this type of Diabetes- Glucose Test need to take insulin. Careful Diabetes- Glucose Test monitoring is highly important to give the right insulin dosage to the patient.

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  In case you are suffering from Type 2 Diabetes- Glucose Test, then your body is not producing enough insulin or not responding properly to the produced insulin. The doctor may require you to regularly run a test called HbA1c (A1C or glycosylated haemoglobin test). This test gives a clear picture of average blood sugar control related to past two or three months. Diet, exercise and enhanced activity can treat such Diabetes- Glucose Test in some cases while other may require oral medications or extra insulin. Regular monitoring helps in understanding how well blood sugar level is being controlled and the sort of medication needed.

Guidelines For Tests

 Tests to be done in fasting state (8 to 12 hours) : Fasting blood sugar level, Lipid profile
Post Lunch blood sugar testing: Post-prandial blood glucose measurements is done two hours after your meal

 For coagulation tests: PT/ PTTK /Fibrinogen/ D-dimer: Past history of coagulation disorder and Drugs is mandatory.

 Urine Culture: Collect a clean-catch midstream urine sample for testing in a sterile container under aseptic precautions.The first urine of the day is preferred because bacterial levels will be higher.

 Semen analysis: Prior appointment is compulsory.Minimum 72 hours of Absteinence is required. Sample preferably be collected in the laboratory or bring the sample within 15 minutes in the laboratory.

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 Entire specimen should be collected inside the container. Avoid any spillage outside. Do not collect specimen in Condoms . Cerebrospinal fluid (CSF): It should reach the laboratory immediately after collection in a sterile tubes.

 Sputum examination: Sputum specimens are best if coughed up first thing in the morning, after you have been sleeping at night.You will normally be asked to produce one sputum sample each morning for three mornings in a row. You will have 3 sterile containers , 1 for each day.

  For histopathology/ cytopathology/ Bone marrow examination/ Biopsy samples should be label properly and detailed clinical history and suspected diagnosis is must. Platelets rich proteins(PRP): Coming soon.

  For double marker test, screen analysis will be possible only between 10 and 14 weeks of gestation.The following details must be provided- date of birth, LMP, NT Scan-USG finding of patient, h/o Diabetes- Glucose Test, smoking, Down’s syndrome in mother, weight of the patient.

Membership Benefits

 Discount on the subsequent visits.

 Free Home visit whenever required for collecting samples.

  Free fasting blood glucose measurement for lifetime.

  Patient's are requested to register themselves on our website with their mobile number.Each patient must have a unique mobile number .Mobile number is used to link present and past reports.

  Please mention your mobile no when you come for blood tests.

  Special discounts for patients with membership card of Dr Patil's Path Lab Laboratory

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Required qualification for the following posts at Dr Patil's Path Lab Clinical Diagnostic Centre:

No. Post Qualification

1. Lab Technician-Pathology Lab B.Sc, D.M.L.T / C.M.L.T
2. Receptionist B.Sc/B.Com or 12th Pass + Fluent English
3. Collection Boy 12th Pass , B.Sc

1) Send your resume by e-mail to drpatilspathlab@gmail.com, Contact person : Dr. Manish Patil

2) Persons residing in East-West Mumbai Suburbs are preferred.

3) For all Posts basic computer knowledge is necessary.

4) At the time of interview :
   Please carry

Make a Career In Best Clinical Diagnostic Centre In Mumbai
        • Valid ID proof
        • Passport size photograph
        • Original Degree Certificates
        • Job experience letter and contact number of previous employer